Sterling Silver Rhiannon Pendant with Amethyst

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"Rhiannon," is derived from the earlier Welsh that literally translates as Great Queen Goddess. She rode a pale white horse and the song of her three birds was so perfect it held power over life and death. A prince who attempted to overtake her rode hard for several days before asking her to wait. Known for rewarding those who ask for what they want, she stopped immediately, saying, "and it would have been better for your horse had you asked long before this."

  • An original design by artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
  • .925 sterling silver with five vivid rainbow moonstones
  • Measures 1 3/4 (4.44 cm) inches tall by 1 3/8 (3.49 cm) inches wide
  • Single sided
  • Genuine purple amethyst gemstone

You may purchase the pendant alone, or pair it with the perfect chain! You can view our full selection of styles and sizes here.