Identifying Counterfeits

There has been a recent increase in unauthorized counterfeits of Dryad Design jewelry. These counterfeits can be found on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and other venues. Retailers are purchasing these from Asian and Indian companies that specialize in seeking out popular designs and recreating them via the merchandise photography or recasting the official pieces.

The sale of official Dryad Design merchandise directly supports the artist. Paul Borda receives royalties on every piece sold. Buying and reselling counterfeits oversaturates the market and reduces the ability for Paul to continue his livelihood as an artist.

The designs are registered with the US Copyright Office, and we do take action. If you are aware of someone reselling counterfeits, please contact us.


How to spot a counterfeit

The item is not stamped with Paul Borda's copyright. The official pieces are stamped with "© [year] P. Borda".

The item is not made of solid sterling silver, jewelers bronze or copper.  The counterfeits are made of non-precious metals described as silver plated, alloy or 'Tibetan silver'.

'Tibetan silver' is not a graded quality of silver, but a dubious mixture of metals with little or no silver content.

There is potential danger in purchasing jewelry made of unknown alloys.  They may contain toxic metals or allergens. 

These items will cost far below the retail price point of the official merchandise. The price difference is due to the cheap alloys used and no royalties being paid to the artist.

The item appears rougher than the official merchandise, or uses different jewelry findings and bales. Not all jewelry is badly reproduced, but there will be noticeable differences between the real and fake pieces.

The items are being misrepresented as a different brand. Paul Borda and Dryad Design are well established and respected in the Pagan communities, and our branding is a selling point.

Reselling counterfeits sometimes happens by mistake, but it still has serious consequences for the artist. Please do not support the theft of intellectual property and contact us if you have questions.