The artwork of Dryad Design speaks to the spirit of the Old Religion realized in a modern Wiccan context. Beautiful, intricately designed. I love these works and use them in my own practice.
–Ann Moura, Author of Green Witchcraft I, II, III

For years I have searched for just the right God & Goddess statues, and none ever seemed to capture the magick and myth inherent in my path, until I saw yours. They are breathtakingly beautiful. I have sent several friends, first here, then to Dragon's Den for purchase, and all have spent hundreds at first sight. Your work is the most beautiful and spiritually fulfilling I have yet had the privilege to witness, let alone own.
–Maureen, New York

Your pieces are so lovely, I want them all...I have the Celtic pentagram, the Green Man, the pentagram with the tree of life. And I now covet the God/dess candlesticks and the lunar pentagram.
–Genevieve Kierans, Toronto

All your stuff has sold incredibly well. Everything gets ooos and ahhhhs. (Each piece) gets handled and touched.
–Virginia, Marke of the Rose

We never buy enough of your stuff. We're out before we're ready to reorder.
–Richard, Merlin Books

Merry Meet! I and my wife are thrilled with the items we purchased from you. We kept the box unopened in hopes to open it at Yule. However, our curiosity overtook us and we opened it up. I have seen allot of different work, but these are the best designs I have seen in a long time. I am sure we will be placing more orders with you in the future.
–Brett, Green-Man

I have been looking for your company for a while. A few months ago my wife bought a beautiful plaque with the mother, maiden, and crone on a vine. It is absolutely beautiful, we hung it in our entryway and thus far we have received compliments from just about everyone who came in the door (including, I might ad, a couple of Mormons).
–Jeremy, A Touch of Magick